How It Works


Pick Out What You Want to Paint:

We have over 600 different and unique pieces of bisque to choose from including dishes and figurines. You are sure to find a piece that triggers the creativity within you!

Choose Your Colors:

Choose as many colors as you want! We offer over 100 different colors including Mayco and Duncan brands, so there’s no limit to what you can create!

Paint Your Piece:

You have your piece, your paintbrushes and your paints…now it’s time to create your MASTERPIECE! We offer a variety of stencils, sponges and idea books to help get your creative juices flowing. Our staff is also eager to assist you with any technique you would like to learn.

Glazing and Firing Process:

You are done painting your piece. Leave the rest to us! We take each painted piece and dip it in a clear glaze. This will make your masterpiece shiny, food-safe and weatherproof. We will then load it into the kiln and fire it to 1800℉. This process takes about a week. We will hold your piece for up to 30 days.